Murder, She Tweets: An Eliza Gordon Mystery

Eliza Gordon Mystery Series Book 3

College admissions can be murder! In Murder, She Tweets, the third in Amy Beth Arkawy’s award-winning Eliza Gordon mystery series, a high-profile Admissions honcho from local Quimby College meets a deadly fate. And when Eliza’s pal and sleuthing partner radio DJ Midge Sumner and her brother-in-law Jonas Gordon find themselves on the suspect list, the former actress turned Soup Opera proprietor and amateur detective, is once again embroiled in an intriguing and complicated mystery. This time she enlists aid from her reluctant sweetheart Goodship police Chief Tom Santini and eager assistant Dee Dee Danziger. But the murder’s not the only mystery buzzing through bucolic Goodship, New York. A woman from Tom’s past arrives with secrets of her own and nary a departure date. And Eliza is held hostage by social media as a ‘fan’ from her soap opera days tweets increasingly threatening messages. With pluck and humor Eliza and her cohorts wind their way through each mystery, making surprising connections and uncovering shocking revelations. Murder, She Tweets, is Eliza’s most exciting adventure yet!

“Arkawy delivers a tantalizing mystery, crisp dialogue and intriguing, often surprising psychological insights.” –– Arts Radio Network